30 Jan 2018
Berkhamsted v Jesters Club

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Last Sunday Berkhamsted hosted our annual fixture against the illustrious Jesters Club.

In the past this has always been a relatively quiet event, with a couple of pairs playing against the senior boys and girls. This year however Old Berkhamstedian and Club Captain, Andrew Joyce, took the reins and as a new Jester himself organised the Jesters side while Anthony Theodossi, Berkhamsted Fives coach, arranged the ‘school’ side. I say ‘school’ side as we decided to move away from the norm and open the event up to any and all players who wished to take part. In the end we had a Jesters side against a mix of senior pupils, Old Berkhamstedians, staff and Tuesday club night players making for quite the mix. It was also pleasing to see that Joyce had organised a number of Old Berkhamstedinas who are also Jesters into his side too.

The day didn’t start too favourably with the Castle Fives Courts being out of use (much as they have this term) due to sweating that many courts across the country suffer from; this day they were particularly bad and a game only could have ensued had players brought swimming trunks also! We are very fortunate to have the fantastic new Prep courts and so were able to re-locate up there without having to cancel the fixture as these new build courts never suffer from sweating or become in anyway unplayable.

In the end 24 players descended upon the Prep courts and played quick fire one set matches with players rolling on and off in a constant flurry of Fives. The fixture broke down as a simple mix around with Jesters pairing up with Berkhamstedians and pupils in fun social matches. No scores were recorded but if they had been it would have seemed that James Skelton may have walked away the victor winning all his matches (with his first words of the day being “I’ll play just 1 game”).

In traditional Fives and Berkhamsted style all the players then retired to the King’s Arms pub to feast and drink and discuss the finer points of Fives.

A big thank you to all those who took part; to Andrew Joyce for arranging the Jesters side, to Head of Prep Jamie Hornshaw for making the Prep courts available at late notice, and to the Old Berkhamstedians Association for kindly funding the refreshments.

Mr A. Theodossi